Nothing rewards customer loyalty like a free cup of coffee, sandwich or insert name of dozens of other inexpensive giveaway items here. Front Flip - Front Flip offers a customer engagement platform that combines a rewards program, mobile offers and social media engagement in a single app. As technology continues to make all aspects of a business owner's life easier, loyalty rewards programs have become cheaper and easier to implement than ever before.

Deceptively simple, loyalty programs actually spark a number of important legal questions, ones you should consider before starting your own campaign. No two loyalty programs are the same. With the right customer loyalty program, your customers will keep coming back to purchase from you, and perhaps turn into brand loyalists.

I loved how you wrote "As a local business owner, you have the necessary freedom for making a particular culture, rather than a program, your official policy." It is so important as a local business to make sure this responsiveness is part of their strategy as your examples show.

Customers are rewarded based on their number of visits by either 5%, 10%, or 15% and are periodically given additional rewards by way of free items added to their loyalty card electronically. Centro Friends card is a loyalty card for Shoppers of Centro Department Stores.

Let's look at how the programs work and how you can start one for your business. 35 In recent years, online loyalty programs have also started to target the Swiss. Loyalty programs combine humanity's competitive nature with the consumer's love of receiving free-stuff.

Be creative and make it fun — for your customers and your business. There are many types of local and independent business that can use the Cally Loyalty Program …Barbers, Butchers, Bakers, Cafes, Delis, Florists, Fishmongers, Restaurants, Pubs, Fitness studios, Spas, Salons and Pizzerias - the list is endless.

Customer loyalty programs help you obtain repeat customers. Every time a customer makes a purchase on your website (or in your brick and mortar store), they get a certain amount of points depending on the size of their purchase. Your locally-owned business gets to react to spur-of-the moment customer needs, creatively customize shopping experiences, and put a genuine human face on transactions.

Join our 600,000-strong network and develop a better, fairer loyalty and rewards program for your customers. Smaller businesses tend to stick to punch cards that are redeemable for a free item or discount once the required purchases have been made. Frequent customers earn points, which translate into some type of reward.

A well thought out loyalty program can encourage your customers to return to your store twice as often and spend 4 times as much by offering something of real value to them. Punchcard - Punchcard is a loyalty shopping app that's available for both the iPhone and Android.

Print out a special offer on the register receipt offering a percentage off or money back on a purchase for a certain time period. Email address) and low-tech loyalty cards for customers who would rather grab and go. The opening of the first Best Buy store in the UK — at Thurrock, Essex, in 2010 - was accompanied by the launch of a customer engagement program called My Best Buy.

However, the goal of a customer loyalty program is to build relationships with your customers, and a third-party provider might not be the most personal approach. Consider the costs of implementing a customer loyalty program and weigh them up against the potential profits for your business.
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