After we need a downloader to download videos from online video streaming websites, we'll be able to search out various kinds of video downloader programs available on the Internet. When you do not need to spend money buying the paid program, you can select Tubemate, which is a free video downloader software used for downloading videos from YouTube to your mopbile phone directly. This article will introduce this utility to you intimately, and likewise introduces different solutions so that you can download YouTube video.

Half 1. What Is TubeMate YouTube Downloader

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is free utility which is used for downloading movies from YouTube to the mobile phone directly. With the help of this software, you're able to benefit from the videos in your smartphone or tablet when you do not have Internet connection. When you might have downloaded this app in your machine, you are able to search for the video in YouTube after which the app will provide you a download option. Before beginning, you're allowed to pick the standard of the video to download. After downloading, TubeMate will save the downloaded video in the SD card in your device. You might be able to move the downloaded video to the folder you want easily.

Pros of TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Free Android software which downloads the videos from YouTube to the mobile phone

You possibly can browse YouTube movies directly with this app

TubeMate can download videos quicker with its multiple connecting feature

TubeMate permits you to pause the download anytime you want

TubeMate enables you to download the videos in 240p, 720p and higher

This YouTube downloader may also download YouTube to MP3 audio files

Cons of TubeMate YouTube Downloader

Person feels troublesome to download sure movies at instances

TubeMate wants you to put in Media converter to download Hi-fi video

This app crashes typically in the course of the downloading

Users generally find that they can not download videos with high pace

Half 2. High 3 Consumer Complaints for TubeMate Downloader

Problem 1. TubeMate stops working with old Android model, and it stucks with black screen at times. There are pretend contaminated TubeMate app available out there, so you'll have used the pretend one.

Tips on how to Fix it

Step 1. Download and set up latest version of TubeMate.

Step 2. Refresh the main interface of TubeMate

Downside 2. Customers get notification to update TubeMate even after they have the latest version of this application.

Learn how to Fix it

It could occur because of the reason that user have installed two tubemates on his system old one and new one. Person must check it in utility listing and uninstall the old one.

Problem 3. Sometimes videos downloaded from TubeMate fails to play. As TubeMate doesn't download the unique video zambia02 ( from YouTube it solely download the video encoded by YouTube.

The right way to Fix it

With the intention to resolve this issue attempt to play low resolution videos. Reboot your gadget and try to play your video using third party software.
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